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Virtual CIO

The Average CIO salary in the United States is over $150k/year. When you partner with Embrace, you receive the benefits of a CIO, with so much more.

In addition to any helpdesk support, you'll also receive:

  • Quarterly Business Review, to help determine your business goals, and position your IT to help you meet them

  • Asset management, to keep track of your companies valuable assets, and so you can keep yourself and your staff working efficiently

  • IT Budgeting, so you never have to spend money without a measurable business outcome

  • New hire and employee termination documentation and checklists

  • Security Awareness Training, to help keep your company secure

Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support

Our service is designed with you in mind. Our Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support accomplish three main goals:

  1. When you or your staff encounters an issue, you know you have someone to turn to

  2. Unlimited support gives us the ability to work with your other IT vendors on your behalf, saving you valuable time 

  3. Unlimited support lets you have a fixed IT budget. No more guessing, and you will not be charged more for asking for help when you need it the most.

Cyber Security Defense

Although every client is different, there are baselines that we help all of our clients meet. This includes: Managed Firewalls, 2FA, Backups, Software Vulnerability Patching, as well as many other criteria that the modern business needs to be secure.

For businesses that do not have internal or outsourced IT that is security focused, meeting these baselines and staying on top of the latest security threats is nearly impossible. 

Best of all, this service is included for our clients.

Compliancy and Cybersecurity Insurance Assistance

If you are a medical covered entity, a tax preparer, an accounting firm, a legal firm, perform government work, or store HR documents, then you are very familiar with names like HIPAA, FINRA, NIST, CMMC, and others. Additionally, if your business is looking into Cybersecurity Insurance, you will find a slew of minimum criteria that is required before you can attain any coverage.

At Embrace, we have not only supported clients who need to comply with all the rules above, we are also HIPAA verified, so we know how difficult it can be.

Compliance is always the responsibility of the end business,. However, we have helped many business maintain compliance by leveraging modern compliancy tools, with our in house management software, to make compliance an ongoing, but reasonable business goal. 

Let's Work Together

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss how we can work together, please feel free to reach us at:



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