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And how our layered security works



We don't have favorites, and we don't do any work we don't 100% believe in. 

We're not going to get too in depth here, but feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

As one of our clients, you can count on having:

  • An Enterprise Grade Firewall

  • Separated networks for maxim security (via VLANs if you're interested)

  • A hidden and secure internal WiFi network, as well as a completely isolated guest network

  • Monitoring on all PCs for hardware failures.

  • Automatic updates to protect against operating system security holes.

  • Advanced antivirus with sand-boxing through our favorite enterprise security vendor BitDefender.

  • DNS Filtering to keep you safe online.

  • Remote Access to your Office PCs

  • Advanced Ransomware protection 

  • Managed cloud backup on all servers.

Big Desk


In addition to our security packages, we offer:

  • Office 365

  • PC backup

  • Spam filtering 

  • Office 365 backup

And as always, we have our team of technicians ready to assist with just about any IT need you have, including:

  • Cloud migration

  • Server installation and management

  • Network design and layout

  • Computer repair and upgrades

  • VOIP phones

  • Printer/office setup

  • O365 Administration

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