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Windows 10 S Mode

You’ve just dropped a lot of money to buy a new computer or tablet. You bring it into your office, excited to get to work, and everything’s working great until you try and download the software you need, and it won’t install. You reboot, thinking that might help, and it doesn’t. 

There’s a good chance your new PC was programmed in Windows 10 S mode. We’ll quickly talk about what S mode is, and how to get out of S mode if you want to.

S mode is one of those things where it’s strengths are it’s weaknesses. S mode was designed to be security focused. When you are in S mode, you can only download and run applications from the Windows App Store. In a way, it works a lot like how Apple treats it’s IPhones. It’s very restrictive, but if those restrictions don’t matter to you than it is definitely safer. If you’re mainly using your PC to browse online, and if you’re only using web based applications or apps you can find on Windows store it’s a great idea to keep your device in S mode.

For most business applications S Mode is too restrictive, and it always seems to get in your way at the worst times. You can switch out of S Mode relatively easily, but you will need a Microsoft account and internet access. Be aware that once you are out of S Mode there’s no going back.

To exit- go to the “Settings” app

Then to “Update & Security”

Then click activation

In the middle of the page you can follow the link to the Microsoft App Store to exit S mode.

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